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Second Conditional Simple in English Grammar

By Language Bug / October 30, 2014

The last two articles concentrated on the first conditional. In English, there are two conditionals. The first, and the second. They have a simple and continuous aspect. Today, we will talk about the second conditional simple form, before doing the final instalment tomorrow. What Is The Second Conditional Simple? What Do We Use The Second […]


First Conditional Continuous in English Grammar

By Language Bug / October 29, 2014

Yesterday’s article taught us about the First Conditional Simple. Now, we will learn about the first conditional continuous. The two are similar, but used to describe two different situations. We’ll learn about the difference and how to use the first conditional continuous today. What Is The First Conditional Continuous? What Do We Use The First […]


First Conditional Simple in English Grammar

By Language Bug / October 28, 2014

Yesterday, we finished writing about the future tenses in English Grammar. However, we will still want to talk about things in terms of probability. So for the next four days we will learn how to use the conditionals in English Grammar. We start today with the first conditional simple. What Is The First Conditional Simple Form? […]


Future Perfect Continuous Tense

By Language Bug / October 27, 2014

This is nearly the last of the tenses in the English Grammar series. We still have conditionals to go and then a summary post to tie it all in together. After that, we’ll be back to other language learning articles. What Is The Future Perfect Continuous Tense? What Do We Use The Future Perfect Continuous Tense For? […]


Future Continuous Tense in English Grammar

By Language Bug / October 22, 2014

We have almost finished all of the tenses that you will find in English. We have a couple more future tense explanations, and then the conditionals. You can use these articles to learn English grammar if you are a non-English speaker, or you can use these to learn other languages by looking up in a […]


Future Perfect Simple Tense

By Language Bug / October 21, 2014

After a five day break, we’re back at Language Bug HQ creating articles for you reading pleasure. Today, we’re going to go back to the English Grammar subject, and we’re going to talk about one of the few remaining tenses we’ve yet to cover: The Future Perfect Simple Tense. What Is The Future Perfect Simple […]


The Going To Tense: English Grammar

By Language Bug / October 15, 2014

Yesterday, we learned about the future simple tense. (See the bottom of this article for a link!) Today, we’re going to learn about a related tense, but with a special construction. This is the Going To  tense construction. Going to Tense: What Is The Going To Tense? It has the same general use as the […]


English Grammar: The Future Simple Tense

By Language Bug / October 14, 2014

In English, we may need to construct a sentence where we talk about something that is going to happen in the future. To do that, the easiest way is to use the future simple tense. The Future Simple Tense: How to Build Sentences with the Future Simple Tense John will walk to the shops. Subject […]


Language Bug Weekly Round-up Week 2

By Language Bug / October 13, 2014

Last week, we introduced a new series for Language Bug. This is the hotly anticipated second installment in the Language Bug weekly roundup. Within the round up, we will detail a handful (two this week – I’ve been travelling!) of links which we’ve read this past month. The aim is to help language learners from […]


Your Versus You’re. There, Their and They’re

By Language Bug / October 10, 2014

This is the latest in our English Grammar series. Today, we will talk about some common errors that speakers of other languages make when they write English. This might be helpful to English speakers too! Your versus You’re. People often get your and you’re confused. Your is possessive. It means the object in question belongs […]