Basic French Conversation Words

French Conversation Words You Need To Know

As you’ll know if you follow the blog, I don’t really work along the lines of “Speak From Day One” courses. You need to acclimatise to the language and accumulate some language before you start to regurgitate it. That might be memorised vocabulary or some simple grammar, but either way, you can’t speak with zero knowledge.

When it comes to starting French, you can have a basic “Hi, How are you?” style conversation with very limited vocabulary.

Subjects (Personal Pronouns) in French Conversation

Je is I. You might know the term moi, but that’s more like describing the word, “Me.” Je is the “I” you use when following it with a verb. “Je suis” is “I am” for instance.

Tu is you, informally speaking. In formal speaking, you should use “vous.”

He/She/groups are il for he, elle for her, illes for a group with males in, elles for a solely female group.

Simple Verbs You Need To Know for French Conversation

I’m not going to go through the grammar here because it’ll be it’s own subject in a future post. You can look them up in the meantime, however (or wait with anticipation!)

Etre is “To Be.” This verb is used for things like “I am” (Je Suis) You are (Tu as) and so on.
Faire is “To Do.” You’ll use this in combination with various tenses to describe pretty much everything you do, are doing, have done and will do.

Aller is “To Go.”

Avoir is “To Have.”

Vouloir is “To want.”
And “Dir” is to say. You might also use “Parler” for “To Speak.”

Other Words To Use in Basic French Conversation

Francais = French.

Anglais = English.

Bon = Good.

Pas = not. So “Pas bon” is ‘not good.’ It’s cave-mannish, but it’ll be understood in your first conversation.

Which brings me on to possibly the most used phrase I’ve ever uttered in any language.
“Je ne comprend pas.” I don’t understand. You will use this a lot, but before you become sad, remember that the more you throw yourself into these situations, the fast you get better.

If you want to turn this rough-draft, field note-esque article into an exercise, go to the Grammar Exercises Made Fun post and chop up all these words and see how many sentences you can make from this.

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