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Your Versus You’re. There, Their and They’re

This is the latest in our English Grammar series. Today, we will talk about some common errors that speakers of other languages make when they write English. This might be helpful to English speakers too! Your versus You’re. People often get your and you’re confused. Your is possessive. It means the object in question belongs […]

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The Past Perfect Progressive Tense in English

Following on from yesterday’s Past Perfect Simple Tense in English article, we’re going to cover the Past Perfect Progressive Tense. As always, you can view all our tense articles by moving down to the bottom of this page and using the links to the tense you want to learn about. Past Perfect Progressive Tense: What […]

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Past Perfect Simple Tense in English

In the last couple of articles in this series, we talked about the present perfect simple and present perfect continuous tenses. Now, we’re going to talk about the past perfect tenses. This article is about the Past Perfect Simple tense. This article and the next use tenses which can be swapped for one another. It’s […]

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Present Perfect Progressive Tense

We’re on a roll here with our English Grammar series. In this article, we will learn about the Present Perfect Progressive Tense. It is like the Present Perfect Simple tense, but there are differences. What is the Present Perfect Progressive Tense? The Present Perfect Progressive Tense is used when we need to describe a situation […]

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Present Progressive Tense: Learn English Grammar

Present Progressive Tense This is the second in our Learn English grammar series. Yesterday, we talked about the simple present tense. Today, we’ll talk about the present progressive tense. This is also known as present continuous. Examples of Present Progressive Tense You are speaking. I am running. He is dancing. She is swimming. They are jumping. We […]

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Learn English Grammar: Simple Present Tense

This is the first in a series on English Grammar. It’s important to understand grammar in your native language before you learn it in a foreign language. It makes it easier to find answers to questions that’ll naturally arise. Learning English Grammar is important for three types of people. – People who are learning English […]

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