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Forgetting A Language

By Language Bug / January 15, 2015

As regular readers are aware, I’m currently undergoing a re-learning of French and Spanish. At this point in the language learning project, I’m very irritated with myself for not making more attempts to retain knowledge. In fact, when I spoke to my Mandarin speaking friend the other day, I realized that after only a couple […]


How To Organise Your Language Learning Notes

By Language Bug / January 8, 2015

If you have been learning a language for a while, you will probably have wondered how to organise your language learning notes. If you don’t get it under control, this is one of those things that will escalate to uncontrollable levels pretty quickly. It’s also another unnecessary roadblock when it comes to language learning; un-organised […]


Spanish Language IPA: Get Pronunciation Right!

By Language Bug / January 5, 2015

The Spanish Language IPA The Spanish Language IPA is something that you’ll need to learn if you really want to learn the Spanish language quickly and effectively. Learning the Spanish Language IPA will mean you can learn pronunciation from reading, and it’ll mean that your pronunciation is a million times better than it would have […]


Using Wikipedia for Extensive Reading

By Language Bug / January 3, 2015

Wikipedia is a fantastic resource for the language learner. One of the great undiscovered benefits of it is that you can use Wikipedia for Extensive Reading. For many languages, you now have a practically unlimited set of reading materials on countless subjects. Best of all, using Wikipedia for extensive reading also means that you won’t […]


Language Bug New Year’s Resolutions

By Language Bug / December 31, 2014

Language Bug New Year’s Resolutions I’ve been on an unexpected hiatus for the past few weeks. The details of which aren’t incredibly interesting, so I’ll leave it at that. The good news is though, that Language Bug has some amazing things planned for 2015. Language Learning New Year’s Resolutions I tend to think of New […]


Basic Spanish Conversation Vocabulary

By Language Bug / December 8, 2014

Hello again. If you read Friday’s post, you’ll know I kicked off the French Language Learning Project. After a weekend of merriment and dubbed YouTube videos, it is progressing well. However, stalwart Language Bug regulars will know that French is only one half of the new language learning equation. We’re also doing a Spanish language […]


What’s The Hardest Language to Learn? Weekly Edition

By Language Bug / December 7, 2014

“What’s the hardest language to learn?” is possibly the most redundant and irritating question that constantly permeates this side of the internet. Why is it irritating? Because the answer is obvious. Why is it redundant? Because you’re not going to learn a language solely because it’s difficult. If you have to learn a language, it […]


Should You Learn Grammar? Weekly Round Up

By Language Bug / November 24, 2014

We’re back for another edition of the Language bug weekly round up. Seeing as I wrote two articles in the last week on learning grammar, I thought I would do a themed edition of the round up this week and post some interesting links about whether you should learn grammar or not. I’ve tried to […]


Make Learning Grammar Fun

By Language Bug / November 19, 2014

Learning Grammar is not usually fun. Today we’re going to talk about how to Make learning Grammar fun in a couple of steps. This is something I personally use to make learning grammar fun, so it’s not some sort of “5 steps to lose 28lbs of fat by tomorrow” story or anything. It requires two […]


Why You Need To Learn Grammar

By Language Bug / November 17, 2014

A site I visit had a discussion about the best way to learn a language. Like a moth to a flame, I flew in. There were some great suggestions, outside of the usual “A tool is not a method” problem. However, one disturbing thing I noticed was a tendency for a lot of the participants […]

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