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5 Problems with Anki for Language Learning

It’s not an exaggeration to say that practically everyone in the online language learning community uses Anki. For those who are unaware, Anki is a Spaced Repetition Program. What this means is that you have one side of an Anki “card” with a question, then click to find out the answer. This is done at […]

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Animal Names in Foreign Languages

This is a general article about learning animal names in foreign languages. You’l find that they are a key part of beginners vocabulary across the many textbooks and learning materials you’ll find. If you’re like me, you’ll wonder why that is the case. After all, if I’m learning “You,” “I” and “to be,” should “elephant” […]

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The Past Perfect Progressive Tense in English

Following on from yesterday’s Past Perfect Simple Tense in English article, we’re going to cover the Past Perfect Progressive Tense. As always, you can view all our tense articles by moving down to the bottom of this page and using the links to the tense you want to learn about. Past Perfect Progressive Tense: What […]

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Past Perfect Simple Tense in English

In the last couple of articles in this series, we talked about the present perfect simple and present perfect continuous tenses. Now, we’re going to talk about the past perfect tenses. This article is about the Past Perfect Simple tense. This article and the next use tenses which can be swapped for one another. It’s […]

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Present Perfect Progressive Tense

We’re on a roll here with our English Grammar series. In this article, we will learn about the Present Perfect Progressive Tense. It is like the Present Perfect Simple tense, but there are differences. What is the Present Perfect Progressive Tense? The Present Perfect Progressive Tense is used when we need to describe a situation […]

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What is the Easiest Language to Learn

“The easiest language to learn” isn’t a straight-cut answer. It’s one of the questions that brings people to this site though, so it’s something that I’ll address in this article. The easiest language to learn is determined by three simple metrics. Having learned a romance language (close to my native language) and a Sino-Tibetan language […]

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