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Writing Sentences in a Foreign Language

I’ve just completed Day 12 of my learning Mandarin Chinese project. I felt that rather than talk about my method in just that post, I’d write this article to give a general overview of best practice when learning about writing sentences in a foreign language. Writing Sentences in a Foreign Language: 1. Keep it simple. […]

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Learning a Third Language is Easier

Learning a third language is something a lot of people need to do. There’s also conflicting advice as to whether it’s easier or more difficult to learn a  third language than a second. Luckily, the answer is that it’s easier to learn a third language than a second. Neurologically speaking, the more language learning you […]

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Teach English as a Foreign Language: It’ll Help

  The single most beneficial aside in becoming proficient at learning languages is to learn to teach them. Assuming you are a Native English speaker, probably the easiest way to get involved in language learning is to Teach English as a Foreign Language. There are numerous benefits to this approach, which we’ll detail in the […]

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Should I Have Marathon Learning Sessions?

Are marathon learning sessions, or cramming sessions, bad? Common wisdom dictates that you should do a little bit of learning every day, which is not bad advice. It also tends to say that you should avoid marathon learning sessions, and that doing an hours’ worth of work a day is better than doing several marathon […]

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