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Why You Need To Learn Grammar

By Language Bug / November 17, 2014

A site I visit had a discussion about the best way to learn a language. Like a moth to a flame, I flew in. There were some great suggestions, outside of the usual “A tool is not a method” problem. However, one disturbing thing I noticed was a tendency for a lot of the participants […]


Learning a Language Or Productive Procrastination?

By Language Bug / October 8, 2014

The last few articles have been rather nuts-and-bolts, so it’s time to take a step back and think about the philosophy of learning a language somewhat. The subject for today is on preparation versus action. Are you learning a language? It seems a simple question at the outset. You’ll probably all say, “yes.” I would […]


Language Learning is an Economic Investment

By Language Bug / September 20, 2014

I try and stay mostly on the topic of the mechanics of language learning. However, there’s nothing that quite whets the appetite more than a little motivation. Add in a bit of fear-mongering, and you’ve got the basis for a great post on why language learning is an economic investment. That’s my aim of the […]


Advanced Language Learning: From Good To Great.

By Language Bug / August 29, 2014

Advanced Language Learning: How to go from good to great. Advanced Language Learning: When do I need this? There comes a point when your language learning materials don’t get you any better. There comes a point when regular, everyday conversation isn’t effective at increasing your knowledge. This is the jump from a B2 level up […]


Asking Questions in a Foreign Language

By Language Bug / August 19, 2014

We all need to ask questions. I am currently learning to ask questions in Mandarin. Regardless of what language you are learning, you will need to ask questions in your target language. Asking questions in a foreign language are a great thing to start with when you’re building simple sentences. After all, you can use […]


Avoiding Stagnation in Language Learning

By Language Bug / August 17, 2014

There are times when learning a language becomes more of a slog than a hobby. Inevitably, there are times when you’d rather sit and watch sport in front of your television. There are even times when we’d all rather tidy up and do the laundry than practice our language. But language learning isn’t all about […]


Don’t Be Condescending to Other Language Learners

By Language Bug / August 12, 2014

  Don’t Be Condescending To Other Language Learners   We’ve all been in two situations in our life. The first, where we know a lot more than someone and their lack of knowledge is painful. The second situation is when we know absolutely nothing about a subject and we’re in an environment which terrifies us. […]


Are you a Language Butterfly?

By Language Bug / August 9, 2014

I was reading this link, which I got via Richard Simcott’s twitter. On the discussion, he suggests that if you are a Language Butterfly, you get excited about the prospect of new languages, learn a little, and then move on to the next one. This is a real condition. You can see it across the Internet, as well […]


Writing Sentences in a Foreign Language

By Language Bug / August 8, 2014

I’ve just completed Day 12 of my learning Mandarin Chinese project. I felt that rather than talk about my method in just that post, I’d write this article to give a general overview of best practice when learning about writing sentences in a foreign language. Writing Sentences in a Foreign Language: 1. Keep it simple. […]


Why Learn a Foreign Language

By Language Bug / August 7, 2014

This site has been put up to help real people get real results with learning a language. There is a lot of information on this site about the how, but apart from one short article, we’ve never discussed the “Why” question, which many people have. After all, if you’re reading this, you already understand English, […]

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