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How To Organise Your Language Learning Notes

If you have been learning a language for a while, you will probably have wondered how to organise your language learning notes. If you don’t get it under control, this is one of those things that will escalate to uncontrollable levels pretty quickly. It’s also another unnecessary roadblock when it comes to language learning; un-organised […]

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5 Problems with Anki for Language Learning

It’s not an exaggeration to say that practically everyone in the online language learning community uses Anki. For those who are unaware, Anki is a Spaced Repetition Program. What this means is that you have one side of an Anki “card” with a question, then click to find out the answer. This is done at […]

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Animal Names in Foreign Languages

This is a general article about learning animal names in foreign languages. You’l find that they are a key part of beginners vocabulary across the many textbooks and learning materials you’ll find. If you’re like me, you’ll wonder why that is the case. After all, if I’m learning “You,” “I” and “to be,” should “elephant” […]

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Advanced Language Learning: From Good To Great.

Advanced Language Learning: How to go from good to great. Advanced Language Learning: When do I need this? There comes a point when your language learning materials don’t get you any better. There comes a point when regular, everyday conversation isn’t effective at increasing your knowledge. This is the jump from a B2 level up […]

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Asking Questions in a Foreign Language

We all need to ask questions. I am currently learning to ask questions in Mandarin. Regardless of what language you are learning, you will need to ask questions in your target language. Asking questions in a foreign language are a great thing to start with when you’re building simple sentences. After all, you can use […]

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