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3 Common Issues with Learning Spanish

By Language Bug / January 12, 2015

Back when I was doing my Mandarin Project, I recall having numerous days where I would wish I was back to studying an ‘easier’ language. The grass is always greener on the other side. Now, I’m back learning Spanish, I realize that whilst there are a lot of things which are incredibly easy when it […]


Spanish Language IPA: Get Pronunciation Right!

By Language Bug / January 5, 2015

The Spanish Language IPA The Spanish Language IPA is something that you’ll need to learn if you really want to learn the Spanish language quickly and effectively. Learning the Spanish Language IPA will mean you can learn pronunciation from reading, and it’ll mean that your pronunciation is a million times better than it would have […]


Basic Spanish Conversation Vocabulary

By Language Bug / December 8, 2014

Hello again. If you read Friday’s post, you’ll know I kicked off the French Language Learning Project. After a weekend of merriment and dubbed YouTube videos, it is progressing well. However, stalwart Language Bug regulars will know that French is only one half of the new language learning equation. We’re also doing a Spanish language […]


Spanish Language Learning Project Starting Stats

By Language Bug / December 3, 2014

If you’ve read the French Language Learning Project starting post, then feel free to skip this one. It basically has the same information for the Spanish Language Learning Project as is in the French language learning project, but unsurprisingly, for Spanish. Spanish Language Learning Project: My History with Spanish I studied Spanish for a couple […]


New Language Learning Project: Spanish and French

By Language Bug / November 26, 2014

I’ve been without a mission since completing the last language learning project. This month I’ve been busy with other endeavours. However, sometime during the Mandarin mission, I realised two things: 1. I found learning the Romance languages infinitely easier. 2. I was rubbish at remembering all I’d learned in the languages I already know. I […]