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Your Versus You’re. There, Their and They’re

By Language Bug / October 10, 2014

This is the latest in our English Grammar series. Today, we will talk about some common errors that speakers of other languages make when they write English. This might be helpful to English speakers too! Your versus You’re. People often get your and you’re confused. Your is possessive. It means the object in question belongs […]


Learn English Grammar: Simple Present Tense

By Language Bug / August 13, 2014

This is the first in a series on English Grammar. It’s important to understand grammar in your native language before you learn it in a foreign language. It makes it easier to find answers to questions that’ll naturally arise. Learning English Grammar is important for three types of people. – People who are learning English […]


Teach English as a Foreign Language: It’ll Help

By Language Bug / August 1, 2014

  The single most beneficial aside in becoming proficient at learning languages is to learn to teach them. Assuming you are a Native English speaker, probably the easiest way to get involved in language learning is to Teach English as a Foreign Language. There are numerous benefits to this approach, which we’ll detail in the […]