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What’s The Hardest Language to Learn? Weekly Edition

“What’s the hardest language to learn?” is possibly the most redundant and irritating question that constantly permeates this side of the internet. Why is it irritating? Because the answer is obvious. Why is it redundant? Because you’re not going to learn a language solely because it’s difficult. If you have to learn a language, it […]

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Language Learning Blog Round Up 4

It’s been a while, but we’re making progress behind the scenes at Language bug. There’s a lot of stuff going on that we’re very excited about, but it’s a bit soon to tell. However, what we can say is that in the interim, we’ve been scouring the net for cool language learning blog links so […]

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LanguageBug Weekly Round-up Week #1

At LanguageBug, the schedule is important. We try to bring you new information every day. Unlike other language learning websites, our articles are practical information as opposed to just motivational “You can do it!” speeches. That said, there’s plenty of great information around the various websites on language learning. We want people to be able […]

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