Foreign Hobbies are Great

Foreign Hobbies are a great way to spend your time. You’ll get more cultural awareness, great exposure to native speakers, and you’ll take your language learning to a new level.

As such, they should be a key part of your language learning plan. If you’re passionate about learning a language, you’ll be interested in it for more than linguistic reasons. It might be that you’ve always wanted to travel to a foreign country, or you want to read some of the classical literature in the language, or you might want to be more attractive.

Whatever your reason, you should try and pick up a hobby.

Why should I pick up some foreign hobbies?

Apart from the reasons above, picking up foreign hobbies actually helps you learn the language. It makes extensive reading easier, because you’ll already have context and vocabulary that you’re familiar with. This is true whether you’re trying to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu moves, where you’ll be familiar with anatomy, or trying to play Pokemon in Japanese (We all know who Pikachu is, right?. )

So there’s the vocabulary benefit to learning foreign hobbies.

There’s also the cultural benefit. You’ll pick up common behaviours from the target population without ever thinking about them. It’s one thing reading a book about the concept of Bushido and respect in Japanese culture, it’s another thing to experience how to practice a martial art at a dojo. You’re learning the language with all five senses, as opposed to just one.

There’s also the fact that it compounds how interesting you are. Remember back to when you learned your first sentences and questions? Well, now you can upgrade from this:

“Why are you learning French?”

“Because I would like to go to Paris”

to this:

“Why are you learning French?”

“Because I am learning to cook French cuisine, and need to read books by the best chefs.”


This works regardless of the language, and regardless of the foreign hobbies you pick up. For instance, you might be interested in scuba diving. You can scuba dive anywhere in your home country (mostly), but you can also use it as inspiration to learn Tagalog, Hindi, or wherever you might travel to scuba dive. The foreign hobby can be anything, the target language can be anything. Your imagination is your only limit.

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