French Language Learning Project Starts

As I stated in last week’s post, my next language learning project will come in two parts: a French language learning project and a Spanish language learning Project.
The reason I am doing this is because I realised when learning Mandarin that my general language prowess had become terrible due to neglect. Whilst I once knew French and Spanish, I can remember few words.
Still, this is the first entry in the French language learning project, and like the Spanish learning project post later on this week, this introduction will serve as a disclaimer as to how much French language learning I’ve done before I start the project.

French Language Learning: What do I already know?

I learned French in school. I have also been to France and learned French independently since. I estimate my level at B1 at it’s highest, but at this point my last trip to France was over a year ago and my vocabulary was extremely limited. I estimate I currently know at most 200 words and a few basic phrasebook sentences. I can bring it back if I think hard, but that’s no good for a conversation. At the moment, I’m an A1. If you asked me to impress you with my French language learning, then I couldn’t.
As such, I am undertaking a French language learning project. Call it a refresher session or an attempt to rekindle my knowledge.

French Language Learning: What am I going to do?

I’m going to learn French and Spanish simultaneously. I’ll be following the general method I lay out in the language learning method post. For this project, it’ll look something along the lines of:
– Pimsleur French.

  • – Race to remember a basic 500-1000 words.
  • – Get a grammar book and sentence build.
  • – Start reading materials in solely French.
  • – Go from A1 to B1 as a first goal. (Remember all I’ve learned)
  • – Go from B1 – B2 (or higher) as a second goal.

I expect the first goal to take me a festively-procrastination fueled month or so. The second goal might be a little more elusive. I’ll be running through my initial Spanish skills in the next post.

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