Future Perfect Continuous Tense

This is nearly the last of the tenses in the English Grammar series. We still have conditionals to go and then a summary post to tie it all in together. After that, we’ll be back to other language learning articles.

What Is The Future Perfect Continuous Tense? What Do We Use The Future Perfect Continuous Tense For?

The future perfect continuous tense is used to say that you will have done a continuous action in the future. It also tells us that you have finished the action.

The difference between this and other future tenses is that it refers to an ongoing action, and at the time which the conversation is talking about, you will have already completed the ongoing action.

How Do I Use The Future Perfect Continuous Tense?

The construction of the future perfect continuous tense is quite tricky, because it has three verbs. Two auxiliary verbs in addition to the main verb. This is how it looks in a sentence:

I will have been shopping tomorrow.

Subject + will +have + been (to be in past participle) + verb (in the present tense.)

This describes how in the future you will go shopping. You haven’t started shopping yet,but you will do. You will also have finished the action. This is what differentiates this from the Future Continuous Tense.

What Are Some Pronunciation Issues With The Future Perfect Continuous Tense?

This tense is quite simple to pronounce, but there are some contractions that you should be aware of. Subject +  Will can be contracted to “‘ll” so She will can be she’ll, and I will can be ‘I’ll.’ You can also contract the auxiliary verb ‘have’ to ”ve,’ So “She will have” can be “She will’ve.”

What Are Some Examples Of The Future Perfect Continuous Tense?

I will have been jumping on the trampoline.

You will have been waiting to see the doctor.

She will have been reading on the bus.

He will have been swimming at the beach.

They will have been watching a movie at the cinema.

We will have been dancing together at the party.


Hopefully, you now understand how the future perfect continuous tense works, and you will be using the future perfect continuous tense very soon!


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