Get Back to Language Learning

I’ve got a confession: I haven’t been devoted to my latest language language learning project. For the past week or so, other things have come up which took my attention away. This will be a familiar feeling for a lot of people. It certainly happens to me more than I’d like.

Get Back to Language Learning Step One: Retrace your steps

For the first half of your first session after a break, review all the materials you’ve learned. This will help shore up any gaps in your knowledge. It will also motivate you. It will also get your brain back into the right mental state. The language you’ve learned already will come back to you. It might also show you why you stopped learning or became discouraged in the first place.

Get Back To Language Learning Step Two: Get straight back to it

Don’t feel bad about not practicing. Get back to language learning straight away. It’s counter-productive. You’ll waste more time bemoaning yourself for not carrying on than if you just get right back to it. Missed a Pimsleur lesson yesterday? Just highlight these words to create a bookmark, and go and put it on right now. Finish reading this article in twenty minutes time.

Get Back To Language Learning Step Three: Double Down and Persevere

Whilst you shouldn’t let yourself get down about missing a session, or two, or five, remember you’re behind on your goals. That means you have to double down, and cover the stuff you should have covered yesterday. If you’ve missed a week, obviously you won’t do 8 days work in one session. Spread it out, but do double every day for a week. This’ll hurt. It’ll probably cause you to get fed up with language. You have to train your brain to push through that. Thinking of it as a self-administered punishment for slacking off. You must remember laziness as a problem, not a holiday.

Get Back to Language Learning Step Four: Test Out How Close You Are To Your Goals

The benefit of doubling your workload after a pause is that you’ll cover new ground really quickly. This means you’ll be reaching your goals in what seems like record time.
If your goal is to have a thirty minute chat, then have a couple of ten minute ones. Show yourself that you’re making real progress towards your goals. This’ll keep the excitement and motivation high, meaning you’re less likely to procrastinate again. It reinforces your original goals and helps create a built-in achievement clock.

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