Language Bug Weekly Round Up 3

We’re back at Language Bug.
Now we’ve mostly dealt with the knot that was the English Grammar series, we’re back to regular programming. We’re going to do another round up. This time it’s Language Bug Weekly Round Up #3. You’ll have to forgive the license on “weekly.” We’re here again now though.

Language Bug Weekly Round Up #3.

We’re going to start with this entry from the Mount Olympus of language learning blogging: Fluent In Three Months. This entry is on Juggling languages. This goes first because it’s something that I was struggling with just last night. I was trying to remember Russian, and being tired I couldn’t even say “I am James” without switching to Mandarin. Regular readers will be aware that this due to the Mandarin project I’ve been doing.
Am I doomed to never speak a language other than Mandarin again? I hope not. That’s why I’m reading this post on juggling languages.

Post Two comes From Stephanie at ToBeFluent. As you know, I’m not a huge fan of Anki, as I’ve written here. However, Stephanie is. I’m always open to persuasion and finding better ways of doing things, so I was pretty pleased to read this article on how she personally uses Anki. Check it out, dear readers.

I figure that these articles from the British Council will probably make my reading list until I run out. The reason is that I truly believe that language learning should be an economic invesstment as much as any other hobby. If you are monolingual, then you might get left behind in an ever-increasingly global market place. I don’t want that for anyone when the cure is so simple: learn a language. Also, Spanish is relevant to my next project (OMG SOON TO BE ANNOUNCED!!!!!) so it’s thematically useful for pumping myself up for some more language learning.
If any readers out there have read great language learning articles, please feel free to drop some comments below. Or send them to me via twitter if commenting is scary.

That’s all for the Language Bug weekly round up

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