LanguageBug Weekly Round-up Week #1

At LanguageBug, the schedule is important. We try to bring you new information every day. Unlike other language learning websites, our articles are practical information as opposed to just motivational “You can do it!” speeches.
That said, there’s plenty of great information around the various websites on language learning. We want people to be able to access great information, regardless of who wrote it.
So we’re going to start a new series: The LanguageBug Weekly Round-Up. This is a list of a few articles that have really caught the LanguageBug eye, and why we at LanguageBug like them.

LanguageBug Weekly Round-Up Week One


Arabic is a more accessible language than you think.
The article above talks about Arabic, widely considered the hardest language in the world. If you’ve read our article, we don’t really believe in a ‘hardest language,’ and even if we did, we’d consider it a challenge as opposed to an obstacle. This article is an overview of all the issues and considerations you need to learn Arabic, as well as dispelling a few myths about the perceived difficulty of Arabic.


Computers are changing how we learn languages.
The LanguageBug approach to language learning doesn’t necessarily involve computers. That said, if the tools are available we might as well use them. This article by LearnLangs is useful for both the positive and negative aspects of how computers are changing a language learner’s approach. After all, if you look at the list and realise you’re addicted to the auto-correction facilities you’re provided, you know it’s time to step back.
If, on the other hand, you never use Social Media, you might want to start.


The Importance of Connecting with other language learners.
This is a blog that I’ve been reading for a couple of days having heard about the author via Fluentin3Months forum. I’ve linked this particular post because it aligns with the exact reasoning for the LanguageBug Weekly Round Up.
It’s important for everyone in the language learning community to connect with one another. Commenting can provide a person with that little bit of enthusiasm which might turn them into a language superstar or stop them from quitting.
Also, linking to interesting articles and leaving comments and encouraging others helps all of us, and it helps people to find the information they are looking for.

That’s it for the Weekly Roundup. Three links this week. It’ll probably be more next week – I didn’t think up this scheme until Friday!

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