Learn Chinese in Two Weeks – Day 14

It’s two weeks since I started my Learn Mandarin Chinese Project. Did I manage to learn Chinese in Two Weeks or fail utterly? The following update is an overview of what I’ve learned so far, and what I intend to learn in three weeks.

Learn Chinese in Two Weeks: Progress So Far.

With Pin-yin, I feel that I can pronounce new words as I learn them. This is due to the IPA work I’ve done, and learning the tone system.

I can read, write and pronounce around three hundred characters. This is almost halfway to the equivalent of A1 in CEFR. (I believe the HSK Level A = A1.) This is slower than I intended, but it’s not a bad result.
I can build simple sentences, and this is something that I will be working more on in the next week, in terms of volume and complexity. Tomorrow, I will probably detail how to use simple connecting words like “because” to make sentences flow better.
One of my goals was to be able to write a letter to a Chinese friend by the end of the first month, so I should achieve that goal before the deadline two weeks from now.
As regards listening and speaking, I am almost at a level where I’d be able to have a small conversation. I generally don’t subscribe to the “Speak as soon as you can” mantra, because we want positive feedback over the long term. This is meaningful conversation. Saying, “Hi I’m Jim. How are you?” Then not being able to respond or understand the answer isn’t helpful. It’s motivational, but then so is waiting until that basic conversation occurs. Hopefully, now I’ve moved on to sentence building, I should be at that level soon.
Listening involves Pimsleur, Teach Yourself  and Colloquial dialogues and general listening. At the moment, that is dubbed Disney music whilst I go aobut my other tasks for the day.

Learn Chinese in Two Weeks: Where Next?

As an overview for Week Three, I need to do the following things:
– Get back to regular character training.
– Start putting sentences together into convenient paragraphs.
– find some way to get those sentences checked, and then add in connecting words where the speakers find it appropriate.
– Possibly towards the end of the week, start seeking out speakers to practice in real time with.

So with that said, here’s to another week of updates so that you can see how I progress.

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