Learn English Grammar: Simple Present Tense

This is the first in a series on English Grammar. It’s important to understand grammar in your native language before you learn it in a foreign language. It makes it easier to find answers to questions that’ll naturally arise.

Learning English Grammar is important for three types of people.

– People who are learning English as a Second Language.
– People who are learning a foreign language.
– People who are going to Teach English as a Foreign Language.

Why it’s important to learn English Grammar if you’re trying to learn a foreign language.

It’s more difficult to learn grammar concepts, and how to construct sentences in a foreign language, if you don’t understand English grammar. So learn English grammar. Then you can look up the grammar term in your foreign language learning materials, and you’ll know exactly how to understand it in the future.

How can I learn English grammar?

We’re going to teach you. This is going to be the first in a series of grammar terms in English. This first article is on the Simple Present Tense.

Learn English Grammar: What are some examples of Simple Present Tense?

He swims.
She talks.
I write.
They run.
You jump.

Learn English Grammar: What is the Simple Present Tense?

The simple present tense is used for facts. It affects the verb. It is the simplest form of verb you can have in a sentence.
It shows an action that occurs in the present. That means that the verb is true now. It might not be true in the future, or the past.
The verb might happen once or several times.
The form is

Subject + Verb in Present Simple Tense.

Learn English Grammar – Present Simple Tense Conclusion

This concludes the article. If you can understand how this tense works, then you can use it in your language learning, and make simple sentences.

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