Mandarin Studying with Language Bug Day Five

Regular readers will already be aware, but for those joining us from the front page or a search engine, this project details my attempts to learn Mandarin, a.k.a. (disputedly…)’The Hardest Language in the World‘. The Language Bug Method doesn’t allow for excuses, so this is a project diary for learning Mandarin. I had zero knowledge of the language, (Or even a similar language,) upon starting, so this is the language bug process from scratch. For previous entries, go to this page.

Mandarin Studying: Project Overview

At the end of day four, I’d managed to learn around 100 characters. I’d also gone through four lessons of Pimsleur, and worked through the IPA for Mandarin. As such, I feel comfortable with the sounds of the language. Day Five will continue this. Also, I realised back on day three that I’d have to learn Pin-Yin in order to be able to type Mandarin, so I’m going over my flashcards and the characters I’ve already learned and making sure I knew the Pin-Yin for them. Below is the rest of my workload for the day.

Mandarin Studying: Goals and Objectives

Mandarin Studying: Reading and Writing

Pin-Yin, as stated above. I will also take my total characters learned to around 120, depending on how easy the next characters are. I’ve revised my original plan upwards from ten to twenty. I did try on day’s three and four to learn thirty each, but I found that the recall was a lot more difficult.

Mandarin Studying: Speaking and Listening

I am up to level five of Pimsleur. As stated in Day Four’s post, Pimsleur does not cover a lot of material. As such, I am going to play through two a day, so for Day Five, instead of playing four to recap and five anew, I will play days five and six.

Learn Mandarin Day Five Conclusion, and aims for Day Six

Review of 120 characters. I’m also approaching the point where I know enough characters to start building simple sentences. This was a plan for today, but as stated above, I bit off more than I could chew with recalling all the new characters, which has set me back. Also, I need to practice my character writing. These will be the two main goals for day six, providing today’s work goes smoothly.

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