New Language Learning Project: Spanish and French

I’ve been without a mission since completing the last language learning project. This month I’ve been busy with other endeavours. However, sometime during the Mandarin mission, I realised two things:

  • 1. I found learning the Romance languages infinitely easier.
  • 2. I was rubbish at remembering all I’d learned in the languages I already know.

I estimate that at the height of my language learning for French and Spanish, I was at least a B2. Now, I am lucky if I am an A2 at either. In fact, I probably know more Mandarin and Russian than French and Spanish.

It’s time to correct that error.

My New Language Learning Project: Re-Learn Spanish and French

I’ve stated before that it’s best not to learn two languages at a time. However, I’m willing to see if there is a way to do it effectively for Project 3. As such, re-learning French and Spanish is going to be a test run. If I can relearn both without getting confused, then I might be able to learn two similar languages in the future at a time. We’ll see. (I think that I’ll aim to learn Italian and Portuguese. Cheating a little but then I’ll have the whole set. (Except Romanian.))

Regardless of future projects, I’ll be concentrating on learning Spanish and learning French this time around. I will start in December and go for at least two months. I can easily split this into two goals:

  • 1. Get up to the level I was at before forgetting most things.
  • 2. Get to a better level than I was.

It’d be easy to then break this down further. December is about re-remembering, January is about learning new stuff.

As far as the Language Bug blog goes, I’ve learned from the Mandarin project. No daily updates, but instead articles about useful stuff, some easy vocabulary lessons and the like. Also, because I’m not learning entirely from scratch (and these languages have an alphabet,) I’ll probably be able to write some articles on intermediate learning methods (and let’s hope, even advanced methods.) This is something I couldn’t do when learning Mandarin.

As a final point, I’ll be reviewing various products that I use (and have used in the past.) That’s once I’ve finished reviewing all the products I used for the Chinese experiment.

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