Spanish Language Learning Project Starting Stats

If you’ve read the French Language Learning Project starting post, then feel free to skip this one. It basically has the same information for the Spanish Language Learning Project as is in the French language learning project, but unsurprisingly, for Spanish.

Spanish Language Learning Project: My History with Spanish

I studied Spanish for a couple of years at secondary school. This was less than the five years I spent learning French, but I like to think I got to a similar level. Other than that, my Spanish language learning has been informal: I listen to Spanish language music and I pick up colloquial Spanish through American shows set in Florida, which seem to necessitate having several characters randomly jump into Spanish at some point in the episode.

What’s My Spanish Level Now?

A1. Even that is stretching it. I haven’t been to Spain or used Spanish for years, unlike French which I’ve used semi-recently. I can probably muster up a basic greeting or two and describe a pet dog that I don’t have, but that’s about all. I estimate that historically I’ve been as high as a lower-intermediate (B1) level. It’s a massive fall from grace. Still, it means this blog will have plenty of material for the next few months and we can all learn and grow.

What Will Your Spanish Language Learning Project Look Like?

My goals are the same as for the French post:

  • 1. Get to the level I was at.
  • 2. Get to a higher level than I was at. I’d like to hit upper intermediate in both Spanish and French before moving onto another project.

As with my goals for French, the first will be a lot easier than the second. To do it, I’ll spend an easy December listening to Pimsleur and Disney songs and memorising vocabulary and some basic grammar rules. Then in the New Year, I’ll have decided upon a plan of action for actual progression in the language.
As with Mandarin, I’ll be updating you with interesting stuff I find on the adventure. In the distance, I hope to correct the errors that have led to these language learning projects: My letting the language slip. I’ll not be allowing myself to lose my language ability again. I’ll show you how when I’ve worked it out.

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