Studying Mandarin Day Three

It’s Day Three of the Studying Mandarin Chinese with Language Bug series. You can find previous entries via Day One and Day Two links, or via the new category page. You can also find all posts about studying Mandarin Chinese by using the Tag system located at the bottom of the post.

Studying Mandarin Chinese Day Three: Thoughts and Issues

I will have to learn Pin-Yin. I wanted to avoid doing so and skip straight to the simplified, and later traditional Mandarin writing systems. However, computer input is done via Pin-yin, so far as I’m aware, so I’ll learn the two in tandem. Luckily, I’ve been writing the Pin-yin on the IPA flashcards and lists I build, so this isn’t trouble. However, my main reading and writing practice will still be with the characters.
The sounds take some getting used to. This will be my last (projected) day of Studying Mandarin Chinese in regards to the IPA, because I feel it’s internalised. For the next few days, I will be learning words and simple sentences as per Pimsleur (And later Teach Yourself or a phrasebook depending on what I can find). At the beginning of next week, it’s my intention to start recording my own voice.
For now, here is an image which shows the finalised IPA page I create for every sound:

Studying Mandarin Chinese: The IPA in Mandarin

Studying Mandarin Chinese: The IPA in Mandarin

Studying Mandarin Chinese Day Three: My Progress / Aims for the Day

Studying Mandarin Chinese: Reading and Writing

At least another 20 characters. I want to get the speed up, so instead of the fifty minutes it took me to learn 20 characters and recap ten, I want to either recap the thirty and learn twenty in 30 minutes, or spend fifty minutes and learn thirty new characters.

Studying Mandarin Chinese: Speaking and Listening

I will re-listen to Pimsleur Day 2 until I have 100% comprehension. I will listen to Pimsleur Day Three. I will also recap the sounds of the IPA, paying more attention to Pin-Yin as well this time.

In Conclusion and Thoughts for Day Four

The sounds need to come naturally to me. This is going well, and should be completed by the end of today. For tomorrow, I’ll be working solely with Pimsleur as regards phonology. Also, I’ll start to look up recordings of the characters I am learning. As of the end of today, I expect to have around sixty characters memorised. I want to integrate this learning with the phonology as soon as possible, otherwise it’s ground that has to be re-trodden later.

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