Why Learn a Foreign Language

This site has been put up to help real people get real results with learning a language. There is a lot of information on this site about the how, but apart from one short article, we’ve never discussed the “Why” question, which many people have. After all, if you’re reading this, you already understand English, the World’s current global language.

Why Learn A Foreign Language Reason 1: It Makes You Smarter

This isn’t opinion, it’s neurology. When you learn a foreign language, you’re creating neural pathways which wouldn’t exist otherwise. Learning a Foreign Language helps you build fluid and crystallised intelligence, and also gives you opportunities to see things in ways which you’d never otherwise think of. In Mandarin, eyesight glasses are “Eye Mirrors.” It’s a simple and novel way to look at something in a new way that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Inuit culture famously has many ways to express different kinds of snow.

Why Learn A Foreign Language Reasons 2: It’s Economically A Great Idea

As I stated, English is a global business language. That is not to be confused with “Being the language that business is done in.” You will find proficiency in languages will bump up your salary, and there are opportunities that you will never have as a monolingual. For instance, you go on holiday and see a local shop which sells an item you’ve never seen before. You think, “All of my friends would pay hundreds for one of those!” Can you speak to the shop owner and work out a deal? Someone can.

Why Learn a Foreign Language Reason 3: You Get To Experience A Whole New Culture

Whether it’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Indian Cuisine or the Tribal Music of West Africa, there is a world of sensation that is hidden from the average person’s view. The language of the culture is like the secret key which you can use to access those new experiences.

Why Learn A Foreign Language Reason 4: It’s Fun and Easy

If you learn using the right method, learning a foreign language is not the daunting task that everyone thinks it is. Nearly everybody on Earth, from the genius to the delinquent, can manage to learn a language, and they have done. Learning a second is the same process again. Once you realise it’s possible, and realise it’s just a matter of time and work to proficiency, it becomes fun.
Learning Grammar is like beating a puzzle.
Learning Vocabulary is like collecting cards.

Why Learn A Foreign Language Reason 5: It’s Impressive.

The same people that’d tell you learning a language as an adult is impossible, are the same people that’ll be impressed. They’ll say, “Wow. I could never do that!” You can impress them with really small amounts of language.
On the flip side, there is nothing quite like speaking to a foreigner in their language instead of your own. They light up, because you instantly go from being something very different from them to someone who they have something in common with. That creates a bond unlike any other.

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